Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Check If site / Domain adsense banned

Here in this tutorial I will explain you how you can check if site / blog or domain is banned by Google Adsense team ? This trick will helpful for all those who are going to buy or sell the websites and don't have access for it.

As you know that nowadays Google becomes more and more strict for spammers and those who don't follow their rules. Adsense is one  the major destination and source of income for many blog owners, But after getting account its really tough to continue with their policy.

With this tips you can check if site or blog is Google Adsense Banned by invalid click activity or Policy Violation or any other reason. Simply follow below list of steps to get more details.

How to Check if Domain / Site is banned by Google Adsense :-
  1. Collect the url or the site or blog for which you want to check Adsense ban
  2. Now goto http://www.isbanned.com/ and enter your domain name (i.e www.bloggerseotricks.com/)
  3. Then Click on "Submit" Button.
  4. You will see below type of message if site is not banned.

If any site or blog or domain is banned or ad server is disabled by Adsense then you will see message like as.

This is the simplest and most reliable tips and tricks if you don't have access of any site to put the ads code, You can simply type the name and get the details which is 100% valid.


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