Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best TweetDeck Alternatives for Windows & MAC

TweetDeck is the leading twitter desktop application available for MAC, Windows, Linux, iPhone and other operating systems for your choice of browser like Firefox, IE, Google Chrome etc. So many of you are looking for the best web based apps also are curios to know their features, advantages. So here we are going to explains same thing to you so that you can select best out of them.

Best TweetDeck Alternatives :-

Brizzly :- It is newly lunched beta version yet powerful twitter web apps. You can join it by simply sign up form. You can create 5 twitter account with 5 different groups. Its interface is really easy to use, You can start twitting withing few mins after joining it. Brizzly allows keyboard shortcuts, uploading of picture and tracking its clicks.

Hootsuite :- It is one of the popular and powerful twitter web application having easy user interface. You can easily customize your account layout with multiple tabs and columns which can be used for Groups, DMs, Mentions, Searches and many more.You can burn any RSS feed in your twitter account along with great tracking option for your link, photo etc.

Seesmic Desktop :- It is best out of every twitter application and we can use as tweetdeck. You can enjoy realtime updates, adjusting font size, custom background, adding custom columns along with background notification for messages. It has Gmail like view with Threaded DM conversation. It supports many languages along with English.

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